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Experience a unique event at Illam's Amazonite Terrace – a trendy rooftop space in Chennai inspired by the Amazon and London's Sky Garden. With 17,000 sqft of lush greenery, towering banyan trees, and space for over 1000 guests, it's the go-to venue for unforgettable gatherings. Amazonite steals the show with its massive Sky LED wall, perfect for presentations and performances.


The terrace boasts exclusive amenities like a private dining room, reception desks, and 6 furnished A/C rooms, providing an all-in-one event experience. Security and valet parking for 400 cars ensure a seamless, safe arrival and departure. Delight in the spiritual ambiance with our east-facing stone-carved temple. Amazonite Terrace stands out among the best wedding venues in Chennai, offering an extraordinary celebration experience


Ethereal Amazonite Haven


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